5 Apologetics Topics Pastors Can Preach On

I am both an apologist and a pastor. I do not see those as two different vocations, but rather two aspects of the same calling. I believe that it is important for pastors to integrate some apologetics into their pastoral ministry. This does not mean that every Sunday should be an apologetics sermon or even that you need to use the word apologetics.

I would like to offer five apologetics topics that are worth preaching on, while never actually mentioning apologetics in the message. In case you feel strongly about expository over topical preaching, you will have no problem finding a foundational passage to preach on related to these topics.

  1. Why does God allow suffering?
  2. How do we know that Jesus rose from the dead?
  3. Who was Jesus and what made him unique?
  4. How should we interact with other belief systems?
  5. Does God answer prayer?

What other apologetics-related topics would like to hear preached in your church?

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