Good News: A Great Birthday

Normally, I don’t make a big deal of birthdays. While I reflect on a new year of life, I don’t expect much in terms of celebrations. However, this was one of the most enjoyable birthdays I have had in a long time.

Although my birthday is today, my presents started on Friday. Our children, Logan and Abby, came for a visit. That alone would be great, but there was more. I recently blogged about how Logan has been more present (read about it here). This time it was Abby. I always pray with the kids at bedtime. When I was putting Abby to bed, even before I started praying, she started our regular bedtime prayer. Remember, she is nonverbal and this is not a part of her routine at her group home. Even if she had repeated the prayer after me, it would have been amazing, but I actually repeated after her. What a present!

Celebrations continued on Saturday. Amanda and I had one of our rare dates. Since it was my birthday, she let me pick the movie and so I chose Doctor Strange. We both loved the movie (you can read my review here). It was a great time for us together.

Today was the official day for my birthday. It started with our daughter Emma making breakfast for me (but not Amanda!) and bring it to me in bed. Then it was time for church. I have been playing bass for a couple of the songs at Queen Street Baptist Church. Justus has been playing drums. Today, Emma and Faith wanted to join in with tambourines. That was fun.

After church, we had a soup and sandwich luncheon at the church. Amanda had volunteered to make all the soup and she did a fantastic job. The soup was so good. It was a great time with the congregation.

I did get some presents from the kids. I was given an AC/DC mug and some Marvel superhero cups. Loved them! Then in the evening, we had a family movie night as we watched X-Men: Apocalypse. We all enjoyed the movie, but what made it really fun was doing it as a family.

This has been an absolutely fantastic birthday.

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