Paul Franks

Philosophy and Apologetics: An Interview With Paul Franks

Paul FranksFor the last six years, I have been teaching at Tyndale University College as a sessional lecture, mainly in the area of the New Testament. I have really come to appreciate this school. Somewhere in there, I met Dr. Paul Franks. I happened to have been at Tyndale for a week of autism camp with my son and Andy Bannister was giving a guest lecture in the Christian Apologetics class taught by Paul. From that time, I have bumped into Paul and his colleague Rich Davis a number of times.

Tyndale University College has recently announced a new concentration in apologetics for philosophy majors. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Paul Franks, now the chair of the philosophy department at Tyndale about what they have to offer in terms of apologetics. As a Canadian interested in apologetics, I’m excited about what Tyndale is doing to help prepare Christians to defend the faith. I can whole heartedly recommend both Tyndale and their philosophy department.

Have a listen to our discussion.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

Philosophy Department at Tyndale

Tyndale Philosophy Website

Four Views on Christianity and Philosophy (USA) (Canada)

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult: A Beginner’s Guide to Life’s Big Questions (USA) (Canada)

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  1. Great article Stephen. It’s nice to hear about someone teaching Christian apologetics. I wish Paul nothing but the best as he teaches and enlightens others. May God bless him continuously and good luck paul with everything.

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