A Critical Look at the Last Battle

I’m currently reading through the Chronicles of Narnia for the second time, the first time having been about ten years ago. So far, I’m only four books into the series (I won’t go into the order here). My memories of the final book, Last Battle are vague.

However, Shane Morris has recently written a post on why this is his least favourite book.

I am a lifelong Narnia fan. I treasure these books, constantly refer to them, and still mysteriously get something in my eye when Aslan explains the Deeper Magic from Before Time. C. S. Lewis was simply a master world-weaver, and Narnia is Lewis par excellence. So I don’t make this confession lightly. But I’ve stayed in the closet (wardrobe?) for too long. Here goes:
I’ve always found “The Last Battle” disappointing.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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