Was Hitler a Christian?

One of the common objections to Christianity is that religion is the source for most violence. Christians respond with example from the 20th century, where it looks as if non-religious regimes have been the most violent. Examples of communists such as Stalin and Mao are clear. But what about Hitler?

Many atheists would say that Hitler was a Christian and many Christians would say Hitler was not. So which is it?

There was a recent discussion between Richard Carrier and Richard Weikart on this very topic. Both of them have written books on this subject. I found their discussion to be very interesting. Some debates between atheists and Christians (even on Unbelievable?) end up producing more heat than light. I found this debate to much more respectful than many I have heard.

In the end, I would agree with Richard Weikart on this topic. It does come down to our definition of Christianity, but I would say that Hitler’s beliefs (and even more his actions) put him far outside of even wide definitions of Christianity.

You can listen to the debate on Unbelievable? here.

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