Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – December 2016

I enjoy visiting other apologetics blogs to see what other people are doing. There are some blogs that rise to the top. I have cleaned up my list of blogs, taking some out that had been shut down, and adding some new ones. I use Alexa to determine the rank for each blog. Here are the top ten. Congratulations to the top ten and to all the rest.

  1. RZIM Global Blog
  2. Bethinking
  3. Reasons to Believe
  4. Cold-Case Christianity
  5. Stand to Reason
  6. Cross Examined
  7. The Poached Egg
  8. Wintery Knight
  9. Apologetics 315
  10. Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes
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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – December 2016”

  1. Just want to mention one more. It’s new, but it’s solid:
    Shield Your Faith was founded to encourage believers about the great reasons behind our faith in Jesus Christ. Ross Hickling, the founder of this ministry, is a retired criminal investigator, project supervisor, and program overseer with 26 years of experience in state/federal law enforcement. Over the past ten years, Ross has applied this developed expertise towards investigating the intersection of the Christian faith with modern culture.

  2. I have a very low opinion of that Wintery Knight site. Several reasons. Once I tried to interact kindly/diplomatically with a church-hating lesbian who was responding to a post. I was managing to build a bridge with her, and the Wintery Knight guy atomic bombed the bridge. It was sad really. He blasted both of us. He accused me of being a liberal or heretic just for trying to interact with the said individual. And too many posts (at least when I have looked at the site here and there) seem about right-wing, fear-based politics. That is not what I consider apologetics! I have not been to the site in awhile now as I was so disturbed by it – perhaps it has changed. Well, I am not insinuating that you endorse the site Stephen – but just listing the top 10 sites by Alexa. But just speaking my mind. I am American. : )

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