IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament – Review

New TestamentThere are tons of good biblical resources out there, but only a few that I would recommend for everyone. One of those would be The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament by Craig Keener.

Keener is one of the bright stars of evangelical biblical scholars. I have not been disappointed by any book I have ready by him and this one was no exception. Keener has both a devout faith and excellent scholarly credentials.

This book is basically a one volume commentary on the entire New Testament. But instead of trying to explain what every verse means, it provides contextual background to the passages, to help the reader interpret. Keener shares information about Judaism, Greco-Roman culture and other relevant data that shed light on the New Testament and its world.

I originally bought this book for a course I was teaching on the background of the Bible. I would highly recommend it for students and preachers.

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