The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Revisited

Fellowship of the RingIt is hard to believe that The Fellowship of the Ring movie came out way back in 2001. I can still remember the excitement of finally being able to see a live action version of my favourite story. I have seen the movies many times since then, but just recently watched The Fellowship of the Ring after not having seen it in a number of years.

I have some mixed feelings about the Peter Jackson films. As a huge Tolkien fan, it was difficult to see him change the source material for his movies. Having said that, the first movie probably follows the book more than any of his other movies. One of the changes he made was to have Arwen take the role of Glorfindel in getting Frodo to Rivendell. But that is not really a big deal.

I will say that Jackson did a fantastic job of casting the movies (even if the actor who played Gimili the dwarf was the tallest actor). When I read the books now, I see the actors from these movies in my mind. Gandalf and Saruman were perfect! The sets were also very well done. Hobbiton looked like a place I would love to visit. Moria was everything that I imagined it would be. I also really liked how they did the orcs. In fact, I like the orcs from these movies far more than the CGI orcs from Jackson’s Hobbit movies.

Watching the movie again, over fifteen years after it came out, I would say that it stands up very well. I will re-watch The Two Towers next. Unfortunately, there is one part there that was difficult to forgive Jackson for. But that is for another post.


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