5 Things You Should Know About My Children With Autism

Autism awareness has come a long way but there is still far to go. I have two children with autism. They are both on the severe end and are considered nonverbal. If you met them, you would probably have certain first impressions. But let me tell you what they are really like, from my perspective as their father.

  1. They are more likely to do what we ask them. All five of our children are awesome, but I must confess that if we ask our children to do something, our children with autism are more likely to do it than our neurotypical children.
  2. They are completely honest. They don’t know how to deceive or how to create a mask. They are who they are.
  3. They are loving. There is a stereotype of people with autism as being unemotional. Our children are very affectionate and they demonstrate their love to us.
  4. They communicate what they want. Although spoken language is not their primary means, they can communicate what they want. They are very creative in how they accomplish it.
  5. They are quite smart. They may never accomplish some of the things that their neurotypical peers may, but they are not unintelligent. When it comes to the things that they are interested in, they can put their minds to it. We have tried to outsmart them many times and have failed.

I hope that gives you a sense of what people with autism can be like.

Stephen Bedard

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