God Enters Stage Left – Review

God Enters Stage LeftAbout a year ago, I was given a copy of Tim Day’s God Enters Stage Left. I finally got an opportunity to read it. The basic idea of the book is that we need an understanding of the big story that is found in the Bible. There is a plot that begins somewhere and goes in a certain direction. Day takes the reader through the story of the Bible, introducing the major characters and pointing out the plot twists.

The book is a very helpful guide to reading the Bible, especially for new believers. It could easily be used for a Bible study or discipleship class. Pastors could also use it as a preaching series to help their congregation get the big idea. The book is out of print, but you can get copies from Amazon for a little as $0.01!

Having said that, I had one problem with the book. Day holds up religion as the problem and Jesus as the solution to religion. This is not surprising as Day is a former senior pastor at The Meeting House. Bruxy Cavey, from the same church, wrote a popular book called The End of the Religion.

I would argue that Christianity is a religion, but religion done right. Excluding Christianity from religion requires a very select definition of religion and one that is not the natural understanding of the term. Not only that, I don’t see religion as an obstacle to knowing God as being the theme of the Bible. Pitting Christianity against religion is a popular idea, but one that I would consider inaccurate.

Despite this, the book is helpful in many ways.

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