6 Questions For Skeptics to Ask

This post is aimed at people who are skeptical about the existence of God. I’m not talking about diehard atheists but those who are skeptical and yet open to other ideas. These questions are not meant as proof of the existence of God. Nor am I demanding that skeptics believe in God. I simply offer these as questions to reflect on in the lifelong quest for truth.

  1. How did the universe begin?
  2. Why does the universe seem to be fine-tuned for life?
  3. How did life first begin on planet Earth?
  4. Is there objective right and wrong and if so, what is the measure?
  5. How do we explain the public witness of a living Jesus after his crucifixion? (See 1 Corinthians 15:3-8)
  6. Why does belief in God so often lead to dramatic and positive life change?

Again, I’m not suggesting that asking these questions demands belief in God. But I do believe that these are questions that all people should wrestle with.

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