Good News: Introducing My Son to My Church

Normally, when a person begins as a pastor at a church, they bring their entire immediate family with them. But our family is not normal. Our two oldest children have autism and they live in a group home an hour and a half away. So even though I have been the pastor at Queen Street Baptist Church for over a year, my church has only met three of our five children.

Until yesterday.

We have a monthly men’s breakfast at QSBC. Normally Logan and Abby’s visits do not coincide with the men’s breakfast. I usually just bring my son Justus. However, this weekend Justus was sick and Logan and Abby were here for a visit on the weekend of the men’s breakfast.

Back when I was the pastor at Woodford Baptist Church, I would bring Logan to the men’s breakfast there (this would be about five years ago). He seemed to enjoy that and so I decided to bring Logan this time to the breakfast at QSBC.

We arrived early and so I took the opportunity to take Logan on a tour of the church building. We went into the sanctuary and Logan had some fun playing on the drums. We also went into my office and looked around.

Then we joined the rest of the men for the breakfast. One of the things that I love about QSBC is that they are definitely autism-friendly. We have a young man in his mid-20s who attends church Sunday mornings pretty regularly who is around the same spot on the Autism spectrum as Logan. No one was freaked out by Logan’s lack of verbal communication or eye contact.

Having a nonverbal son, I have learned to read Logan’s body language pretty good. I could tell that he had a good time. He certainly enjoyed the food and had seconds. Not only did he really like seeing the church building, he had big smiles when we were around the men.

I was very proud to be at church with my son and they welcomed him very warmly. Some of them had seen pictures of Logan and had heard plenty of stories but this was their first time meeting him.

My hope is to have Logan and Abby at church on a Sunday with us. It probably has been about seven years since that has happened. It will take a lot of work to make that happen but a guy can dream. Until then, this is my Good News.


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2 thoughts on “Good News: Introducing My Son to My Church”

  1. This is great. So glad it worked out. Church is challenging for our 2 teens on spectrum right now — or rather, I’d say bringing our 2 teens to church is challenging for US. It may be just a season they/we are going through; we try to accept that nothing is going to be set-in-stone for very long, and we try to be flexible.

    1. I hear you. Often it is a challenge to get our neuro-typical children to come to church. One year my wife was going to a Christmas Eve service and the only one of our children who was willing to go with her was our son with autism. It was a special moment.

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