Good News: Seeing the Big Picture

The purpose of my Good News post is to pick one good thing that has happened as a way for me to keep positive. While there is often one thing that stands out, this time I’m looking at the big picture. I have been blessed in some amazing ways. Here are some:

  • Amanda and I just celebrated seventeen years of marriage, even though we have faced obstacles that have ended many marriages.
  • Our children Logan and Abby, although not living with us, are able to live together in a group home. They love each other and it really makes a difference.
  • While I love my children with autism, we did want some children that we could interact with in more traditional ways. We are thankful for Justus, Emma and Faith who have come into our lives.
  • A few years ago I thought that I was dying. Although I still deal with sarcoidosis on a daily basis, I enjoy a level of health I didn’t think was possible.
  • I get to pastor an amazing church that is very encouraging and loving.

I’m thankful to God for all these blessings. This is Good News.

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