What is the Difference Between Evangelism and Apologetics?

Evangelism and apologetics are related activities but they are not the same thing. Evangelism literally means the announcing of Good News and apologetics means giving a reason. There is some overlap between these activities but there are differences.

Evangelism and Apologetics

Evangelism is the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is the coming of the kingdom of God through Jesus and the participation in that kingdom through faith. Evangelism can include apologetics but it does not have to.

Simply explaining the gospel to someone, without giving reasons why the person should believe, is still evangelism. And for some people it is enough. There have been plenty of people who hear the gospel and quickly believe and become a follower of Jesus. At other times, evangelism includes apologetics. The gospel is explained and reasons for believing the gospel are also offered.

Apologetics is simply giving a reason for what you believe or value. Christian apologetics is giving a reason why Christianity is true. Apologetics may include a presentation of the gospel. Apologetics can be directly related to Jesus, such as a defence of his deity or resurrection. But apologetics can also be pre-evangelism. Apologetics can be used to argue for the existence of God. Such an argument does not need to include any mention of the gospel.

Sometimes evangelism includes apologetics and sometimes it does not. Sometimes apologetics includes evangelism and sometimes it does not.

Christian Apologetics

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