Teaching the Next Generations – Review

Teaching Next GenerationsTeaching is an integral part of Christian ministry. It takes place in congregations, Bible colleges, seminaries, Christian schools and many other contexts. It would be nice if all one had to do was to present the material and the student was be able to integrate all the imparted information. The truth is that teaching is much more complicated than this.

Terry Linhart has edited a book called Teaching the Next Generations: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching Christian Formation. This is indeed a comprehensive guide as it provides content from twenty-six different authors on all aspects of teaching. Some of the chapters overlap, some build on one another and others provide unique perspectives. The chapters are short but contain a large amount of information.

Each chapter includes reflection questions and a reading list that deepen the learning experience for the reader. This is an essential resource for anyone involved in a teaching ministry. I would especially recommend it for people in Christian education contexts such as children’s and youth ministries. This would also be a good resource for teams to go over, studying each chapter as a group and discussing how Christian education can be improved.

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