Good News: Finally Got a Date!

It’s pretty easy to come up with Good News today. After a long dry spell, I finally got to go on a date with Amanda. At one time we were able to go out on weekly dates, but childcare is not so easy to find these days. Thankfully, Amanda’s mother was able to watch the kids for us today. She’s still my favourite mother-in-law!

It was not a particularly romantic date as all we did was go the movies to see Logan (I will review it at the Comic Book Geek). Still it was time together without having to referee young children. And the theatre we went to had the nice comfy lounge seats with foot rests. It was very comfortable.

Having even this short amount of time together reminds me of how much I love Amanda. Actually we will be seeing lots of each other soon as she is having some surgery and I’m taking two weeks off to help out around here. I’m happy to do what I can while she recovers. Your prayers are welcome.

Having a date with my wife is Good News.

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