Good News: Daddy-Daughter Date

Stephen BedardI have mentioned previously that we plan to go swimming as a family every Sunday night. While that doesn’t always work out, sometimes it is for the best.

Amanda is still recovering from her surgery and Justus didn’t feel like going. I was going to take Emma and Faith but right before we left, we discovered that Faith was sick. That left just Emma.

None of these circumstances are ideal but I’m thankful that Emma and I had some time just with us. We still went swimming but had the opportunity to swim in a different pool at the same facility. We practiced our diving and really had a lot of fun. It was so great to have one-on-one time.

I have always desired to have these kinds of times with each of my kids but it is difficult to plan out. That’s why we take advantage of the circumstances that come our way and make the best of it. This is good news.

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