Good News: Thankful For Autism Awareness

Stephen and Amanda Bedard
Wearing blue for autism awareness.

About fourteen years ago, when our son Logan was diagnosed with autism, I was pretty ignorant about autism. I only knew what I saw in Rainman and St. Elsewhere. Many of our friends and family were equally unaware. Although we have been forced to become aware because of Logan and Abby’s autism, I have noticed a general increase in awareness.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and my Good News is that people are become more aware and there is an increase in the welcoming and embracing of people with autism.

As a dad of two children with autism, I appreciate the change that has taken place. There is much more that needs to be done, but there has been a start. I’m also thankful that we are part of a church that is autism-friendly. We have a young man at Queen Street Baptist Church who has autism and who is an important part of our church family. I’m thankful as well that a number of churches have used the bulletin insert that I put together for autism awareness (any time in April would be appropriate if you wanted to use it).

I encourage you take time to learn about autism and even more importantly to get to know some one with autism. Autism awareness is Good News.

Stephen Bedard
This is what autism looks like.
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