Good News: Our Son is Back

Stephen BedardAlthough I don’t talk about it as much as our children with autism, we also have a child with ADHD. Some may think that ADHD is not near as serious as autism but there have been many days where it has been more difficult. It has been a long journey trying to deal with Justus’s ADHD and seeking to help him.

One of the ways that we have treated his ADHD is with medication. That has been appropriate and it did make a difference. Although Justus improved, he still had difficulties with anger and anxiety. His sleep patterns were also very erratic. It often would not take much to set him off.

Recently we cut his meds from two to one pill a day, simply because we were waiting for an appointment to get a renewal. Almost as soon as we did this, there was a sudden change in Justus.

For the positive.

We saw more smiles from him in that first week than we have seen in the past year. He was more hyper, but far less angry. He was once again his goofy, happy and affectionate self. We ended up stopping even his one pill a day and saw more improvement.

Our son is back.

I need to make it clear that I’m not suggesting that the answer for everyone is to get off medication. I take a pill for anxiety and I have gone off it a couple of times as a test and it is always bad news. Also, Logan and Abby are on medication and it makes a difference for them. Medication really can be a positive thing.

But in this case, coming of medication was what Justus (and the rest of us) needed. I have been enjoying watching Justus play with his sisters without fighting (as much). He listens to what we say. he spontaneously thanks us for things we have done. He even offered to cut the grass for us. Justus has been sleeping better and shocked us all be sleeping in to 11:30 am on Saturday. He normally gets us at 5:00 am or earlier.

Justus still has ADHD and it can be annoying some times. But we will take our happy and hyper kid over our angry and anxious kid any day.

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