Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – April 2017

I’m thankful for all the dedicated Christian bloggers who write in the area of apologetics. Apologetics blogging is not dead. I have gathered a nice list of apologetics blogs. Of these, I have used Alexa to determine the top ten blogs.

If your blog is not on this list, don’t worry as mine isn’t either. There has been some change in this top ten list in that I have added some more blogs to my master list that have scored high.

Here is your top ten list of apologetics blogs. Make sure to visit each one of them.

  1. RZIM Global Blog
  2. Evolution News
  3. Reasons to Believe
  4. Bethinking
  5. Stand to Reason
  6. Cold-Case Christianity
  7. Cross Examined
  8. The Poached Egg
  9. Veritas Forum
  10. Reasons for Jesus

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