Be Careful With the Advice You Give Autism Parents

It is common for parents to share their wisdom with each other. Experience provides little tips that we can share with others. This is completely natural and a good thing.

But be careful with the advice that you give to parents of children with autism.

I recently was talking to an autism mom whose child had a cold. Other parents were offering home remedies and other suggestions for treating the cold.

The intention is good but non-autism parents need to know one thing. Everything is more difficult with autism.

It is not as simple as concocting some natural cocktail and expecting the kid to drink it. Although our children with autism are now better at taking medication than our non-autistic children, it wasn’t always that way. There could be a major meltdown just for trying to sneak some remedy into something they normally liked. Once Amanda crushed some pills and snuck them into some pudding. Somehow he knew and he ran around the house with his hands waving, yelling, “PILLS! PILLS! PILLS!”

I’m not saying that you can’t share advice or tips with autism parents. I am saying that you shouldn’t posture your advice as a “simple solution.” What may be simple for your child may be impossible for a child with autism.


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