Good News: My Wife is an Amazing Mother

My tendency on Mother’s Day is to focus on how much I miss my own mother, who died almost ten years ago. But in doing that, I would miss the incredible blessing of my wife Amanda.

Amanda BedardI don’t have the words to describe how much I appreciate Amanda. Amanda comes to motherhood with her own baggage. Amanda is very honest about her experience of PTSD and other mental health issues. Yet, these things do not make Amanda less a mother but rather more.

We have a complex family. We have two children with autism who do not live with us. We have three other children who are not biologically ours but definitely emotionally are ours. They have their own issues.

Amanda regularly blows me away with how she loves them and cares for them. Perhaps because of her own struggles, Amanda has a special grace for them. She regularly inspires me to want to be a better father.

So yes, I do miss my own mother. But I’m so thankful for Amanda and the special mother she is to our children. I love you Amanda!

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