12 Things You Need to Know About the Jesus Myth

Jesus mythicists often try and make a big deal about the twelve disciples as being related to the twelve signs of the Zodiac (even though it is really related to the twelve tribes of Israel) and so I thought I would throw together twelve things you need to know about the Jesus myth.

  1. The Jesus myth has two components: Jesus was not a historical figure and he was based on pagan myths. Not every mythicist holds to both positions.
  2. You can count on one hand the scholars with PhDs in related fields that accept the Jesus myth.
  3. Horus, Dionysus and Mithras were not virgin born.
  4. Horus, Dionysus and Mithras were not crucified.
  5. Mythicists describe births with supernatural elements as virgin births even if the child was conceived through sexual intercourse.
  6. References to twelve followers are not based on the myths but on the presence of the signs of the Zodiac in religious decorations.
  7. The four canonical Gospels belong to the genre of ancient bioi (lives) and not myth.
  8. Josephus did mention something about Jesus, even though a later Christian embellished the original account.
  9. There is more evidence for Jesus than most ancient figures.
  10. The Gospels do not lose their historical value just because they were eventually accepted as Scripture.
  11. Jesus mythicists don’t do history the way professional historians do.
  12. The Jesus of the Gospels is placed in a historical context unlike the pagan gods who are placed in the mythical past.

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