Good News: Bringing Our Son to Church

Today was one of the happiest Sundays in my life. Many people take it for granted that they can go to church as a family. In our case, our two oldest children have autism and live in a group home 1.5 hours away. It has been around six years since Abby has been with us at church and three years for Logan.

Today that changed for Logan.

The plan was for us to just have a day visit with Logan and Abby on Saturday. When it was time for me to bring them back to the group home, Logan told us he wanted to stay. Amanda told him that this meant coming to church. He told her he wanted to come to church. By the way, Logan is nonverbal so him telling us this is a big deal.

Stephen BedardSo I brought Abby back and Logan stayed over night. When it was time to go to church, Logan was ready to go. Logan had been to Queen Street Baptist Church before for a men’s breakfast but never for a service. This helped because he knew the building and had met some of the men.

It was such a joy to have Logan at church with us. Yes, he made some noise. That’s part of autism. But QSBC is an autism-friendly church and they are comfortable with autism sounds. No one complained. In fact, they were very excited to meet Logan. When I announced that Logan was there, they applauded.

It takes more than just applause to be an autism-friendly church. Do you know what tells us that QSBC is autism-friendly? When people came up to us after the service, they didn’t talk to me about Logan, they talked to Logan directly. Amanda told me that some people completely ignored her while they were connecting with Logan.

And connecting they did. There were some pretty big smiles on Logan. He may be a person of few words, but we can read him well. I was very proud of both Logan and my church.

This will be a memory that will long stay with me. This is Good News.

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