Good News: 184th Anniversary

No, I don’t mean our marriage anniversary. I’m not quite that old. Today was our 184th anniversary service at Queen Street Baptist Church. That is a long time for a church. When I look in the hymn book at the “old” hymns, I see many of them were not written when this congregation first organized.

Tim McCoy
Tim McCoy

We had an amazing anniversary service. At one point, I asked the congregation to raise their hand if they were born in a country other than Canada. Over half the congregation raised their hands. Our multicultural makeup is one of my favourite things about our church.

We had some great music, both by our own musicians and the Grace Notes quartet. Our speaker was Tim McCoy, who is the executive minister of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. Tim has been a powerful encouragement to Amanda and I, both in ministry and in our family life. He brought a message that our people needed to hear and that fits with where we are going.

I enjoyed everything about the service. It was a great reminder as to why I’m a pastor and why I love the local church. It was also a reminder of why I’m thankful to be at Queen Street Baptist Church. This is Good News.

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