5 Objections to Apologetics (and 5 Responses)

Some of the strongest objections to Christian apologetics comes not from outside the church, but from within. Here are five common objections to Christian apologetics with my responses.

  1. Apologetics leads to a purely intellectual faith. There is no reason for this. It is like saying that a dramatic conversion must lead to a purely emotional faith. Many people who come to faith through apologetics and who are active in apologetics have a vibrant and lively faith.
  2. People don’t come to faith through apologetics. This is a common mantra but it is false. While there are many people whose faith journey did not include apologetics, there are many others whose journey was heavily influenced by apologetics.
  3. The Bible does not teach us to be apologists. Not only does 1 Peter 3:15 tell us to be ready with a defence, Acts 17 (both the events in Thessalonica and Athens) show apologetics in action.
  4. I’m not called to be an apologist. While not everyone is called to study apologetics at the university level or to debate atheists, we are all responsible to give a reason for our faith. If someone asked you why you are a follower of Jesus, what would you say? Would you say, “No reason”? If you can respond with a reason, you are doing apologetics.
  5. I don’t like apologetics. The problem with this objection is that it is not just all about us. Are there people seeking Jesus who are struggling with a biblical or theological point? Is there a Christian who is being overcome with doubt? Will you ignore their needs because of your personal prejudice against apologetics?

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