Did Ontario Pass a Law Allowing the Government to Take Away Children From Families That Oppose Gender Transition?

I have seen a number of posts suggesting that Ontario has passed a law that could take away children from any family that disagrees with gender transition. For example, there is an article titled Ontario approves measure that allows government to take children from parents who oppose gender ideology. That would of course be of concern as people should be allowed to believe what they want.

But is this true?

We need to get the facts right. It is true that Bill 89 passed. I would suggest you read the details of Bill 89. When you look closely, it is clear that it is not designed to punish any person who disagrees with gender transition.

The bill could lead to seeing parents who oppose THEIR children’s gender identity as a form of abuse. We could debate whether that should be the case or not. But what I want people to realize is that this part of Bill 89 has nothing to do with parents without children seeking to change genders.

Hear this clearly. If you are a family in Ontario and if you disagree with gender transition and your children are not transgendered, the government is not going to take away your children.

I’m not saying you should agree with Bill 89. But if you are going to oppose it, oppose it for what really says. I suggest you read this letter from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada that addresses a different concern about this bill.

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