Good News: Bedards Assemble!

Bedard FamilyThis past week was our annual assembly of the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. I have only missed only a couple of these assemblies in my twenty years with the CBOQ.

This year was great in terms of music and teaching. Music was led by Steve Bell and our speaker was Gordon MacDonald. I really appreciated what both of them brought to us. Assembly was also fun in terms of visiting with my colleagues in ministry.

But sometimes the best comes from the unexpected.

I have often bragged how we never bring our children to assembly (we brought Emma once when she was a month old but that’s it). That was the plan this year as well. We had Amanda’s mom watching the kids while we had some quality time on our own. We had a couple of days together but then Amanda’s mom got sick and needed us.

Our original plan was for Amanda to go home and be with the kids while I stayed at assembly. Instead, we decided to go home, pick up the kids and bring them back with us. In this, we realized that the kids had never stayed in a hotel before.

I will admit that at first I found the kids’ excitement about staying in a hotel overwhelming. But with some grounding from Amanda, we were able to have a good time. This included many hours at the hotel pool and water slide. After that, we decided to have a late night and watch LEGO Batman.

It ended up being a great time. Yes there was much tiredness. There were grumpy kids and parents. But it was also a time of memories. I’m thankful that we had this time together.

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