Good News: A Good Father’s Day

Stephen Bedard
My two sons!

Father’s Day is always a mix of emotions for me as I miss my dad. Although it has been thirteen years since he died, I still feel the loss every Father’s Day.

Having said that, I am focusing more on what I have and that is my amazing family. I am truly blessed. Our family has gone through some upheaval lately but it has actually drawn us together.

This Father’s Day was great because I was able to see all five of my children. Once again, Logan asked to stay over so he could go to church with us. He is so excited about church. I ended up driving him to his group home after lunch and had a brief visit with Abby.

Justus, Emma and Faith seemed to try extra hard to make it a good Father’s Day for me. Justus even went with me to take Logan back. All through the day, I was reminded of all that I have. God has truly blessed me.

Stephen Bedard
My Father’s Day Gift!
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