One Dominion – Review

One DominionThis is an exciting time for Canadians as we celebrate our 150th anniversary. Different organizations are celebrating in different ways. Bible League Canada is celebrating by publishing a book called One Dominion: Celebrating Canada – Prepared for a Purpose.

I really enjoyed this book. Although I consider myself to be an amateur historian, there is much about Canada that I don’t know. This book gives a brief but interesting outline of our history.

Although Canada is considered to be much more secular than our neighbours to the south, Canada does have an influential Christian heritage. This book outlines many of the Christian leaders of the past who continue to impact Canadians.

The book is short, it can be read in half an hour. But the pictures are worth looking at as we celebrate this amazing country. One of the things I have been doing is sharing some of the stories with my children. It can lead to many good conversations on Canada and Christianity.

If you are a Canadian or are interested in Canada, I recommend One Dominion.

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