Good News: Fun With the Kids

School is finished for the kids and summer is upon us. What should we do? They often ask us to take them shopping (usually for toys). The truth is they get bored of what we buy them pretty quick.

Tonight we decided to go go-karting. We had brought Justus and Emma before but not Faith. Emma was over at a friend’s house so we brought Justus and Faith tonight.

The plan was for Justus and Faith to ride in the two-seater and for Amanda and I to watch. However, Justus is not tall enough to drive with Faith as a passenger (Faith is too young to drive herself). Justus was fine to drive by himself and so he went.

That left me to get some more tickets and to drive with Faith. We had a blast! At one point during our laps, Faith said to me: “Whoever invented go-karts is the best!”

This is what we want to do with our kids. We want to build memories. Most of the things that my parents bought me are gone by I still have my memories. We want to do this for our children.

It was a fun day with our family and this is Good News.

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