Good News: Proud of My School Girl

Amanda BedardThis spring and summer has been busy for our household. But I say this as good news and not bad news. The good news is that Amanda has started her studies at Brock University.

This is not the first time that Amanda has done post-secondary studies. She had done some distance education through some other universities. Some of those credits have gone toward her current degree. However, this is the first time she has studied in class.

It has been a pleasure to watch Amanda immerse herself in her studies. Her first two courses were in the subject of biology. This wa not a chore for her but was something that energized her.

People consider me to be well-educated. However, Amanda would tell me what she learned in school and not only would I not understand the principles, I didn’t understand most of the vocabulary!

This has been the best thing for our family. After years of being in the role of housewife, Amanda is getting the opportunity to explore her own identity through her studies. This will eventually lead to some career.

For various reasons, this would have been difficult in previous years. But this is the right time and Amanda is doing well. By the end of this summer, with the credits she brought into the program, she will almost be done her first year, and all that in just a few months.

I’m so proud of Amanda and I look forward to a successful future for her.

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