Good News: A Proud Dad

Stephen BedardThis past week, our three youngest children were away at camp. When I arrived to pick them up, the leader of Justus’s cabin immediately sought me out.

There was a moment of panic as I know that Justus has had behaviour issues in the past.

However, the leader wanted to talk to me to brag about how well Justus did. This leader worked with Justus last year and he said that Justus was definitely the most improved camper.

But this was not just about not getting into trouble.

What the leader told me was that Justus was his “right hand man.” Justus showed real leadership qualities and was helpful in making sure the other campers got where they were supposed to be. The leader saw really leadership potential in Justus.

Just the week before, the kids were at day camp. One of the leaders at that camp told Amanda something very similar. She saw Justus as a natural leader, who had a positive influence on the younger children.

Justus has had his share of struggles over the years. Hearing these observations was so encouraging. I am definitely very proud of Justus and believe that he has a bright future.

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