Swimming Down Memory Lane

I will confess that I’m a nostalgic kind of guy. Moving back to St. Catharines has only intensified that.

We have had a membership at an indoor pool but they have been closed for a month and a half for repairs. I have missed swimming and so I decided to bring the kids to an outdoor pool. But not just any outdoor pool. It was the pool in Merritton where I used to swim.

I grew up in the Merritton area of St. Catharines. Just across the tracks from our house was the Merritton pool. I would go there daily during the summer. It was in that pool that I learned how to swim. I can’t imagine how many hours I spent there.

That was over thirty-five years ago.

Tonight I was able to spend a couple of hours there with my children who are the same age as I was back in the day. We had a great time of goofing off, throwing a ball and just having fun.

It was a strange feeling to be flooded by memories (the high school I attend is also right beside the pool) but to also be making new memories with my family.

To cap things off, we drove by my old house. Across the tracks is a creek where I would go with my friends to catch crayfish. I brought my kids to the creek (which they called a lake!). They loved sharing in my memories.

Justus came home and announced that he really wants to move to Merritton. Maybe one time.

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