Good News: Fun on the Beach

Recently I brought my children to the pool where I learned to swim. Today, I took my son to the beach where I also spent many hours as a child.

We went to Lakeside Park today and had a blast. Justus had fun in the water and I enjoyed watching him. Being there brought back many memories.

My mother brought me to this same beach many times during my childhood. Often I would invite a friend and my mom would drive to Port Dalhousie for aa day at the beach.

Being there today, it looked so much smaller. Part of that is because of recent rains, the water level is much higher and there has even been some flooding. Most of it, however, is simply because everything seems bigger in our memories.

I look forward to bring my other children there in the days to come. The carousel still only costs $0.05 per ticket, so it can be a cheap date.

These days are reminders that it does not need to cost a lot to create fun memories.

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