Returning to the Place of Sorrow

FuneralI led a funeral service today. That is not a surprise as I am a pastor. Some pastors do a couple of funerals per week. Thankfully that is not my experience.

But this was different.

It wasn’t personal, as I had never met the lady and didn’t know the family. I have done many funerals like this in the past.

This was personal in a different way.

It was the location rather than the people involved. This funeral was at a funeral home in Thorold. I have led five other funerals in that chapel, but not in my role as a local pastor.

The very first funeral I ever led was at this funeral home. It was for my Uncle Buck. Before today, my most recent funeral there was for his wife, my Aunt Ruth. I also had led the funeral for my Aunt Norma. More difficult than those, was leading the funerals for my father and mother in that very same chapel.

It is true that time makes things easier but it doesn’t take away all the pain. When I stepped into that chapel today, all the emotions from those past funerals came flooding in. It was like a punch in the stomach.

I’m not complaining that I did those funerals. I’m honoured that my family let me do that. And leading my parents’ funerals, as difficult as they were, was a way for me to do something in an otherwise helpless situation.

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