Good News: Speaking the Truth About Mental Health

Moving back to St. Catharines has brought back many memories. Today was one of those days, but in two different ways.

This morning, after preaching at Queen Street Baptist Church, we went to Central Community Church. Central has been an important place in my life. I attended the church (back when it was Central Gospel Temple) for a number of years and it was there that I was discipled. My first time preaching was at Central at a College & Careers meeting. I was baptized at Central and Amanda and I were married at Central.

But why would we attend Central today, as I’m a pastor of a church in the same city?

This brings me to the second part of my story. We went because Deane Proctor was their guest speaker. Deane was our pastor when we attended Queensway Baptist Church. He is one of my favourite preachers and we were thankful that Central had a service that started after our service ended.

The reason Central brought Deane in was to speak on the topic of mental health. The church (the church in general, not a specific church) has not always done a good job in the area of mental health. Things have gotten better but there is still much work to do.

Deane shared his story as a pastor who has depression. Even knowing his story, hearing him today brought even more insight. I’m very proud of Deane and the work he is doing for the kingdom of God in general and for mental health awareness in particular.

It was good to be back at Central, particularly to hear our friend Deane and to be challenged by his message. This is my Good News.

Below you can watch the interview Deane did on 100 Huntley Street.

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