Good News: Four Years Later

Stephen BedardIt was four years ago that my father-in-law came to our house and drove me to the hospital. I had been sick for some time and the walk-in clinic was not able to figure out what was wrong. The hospital was our last hope of finding out what was going on.

At the time I was convinced that I was dying of cancer. I was feeling so bad that I was not expecting to make it to my birthday in November.

It ended up that I didn’t have cancer but had a fairly rare disease called sarcoidosis.

While many people who get sarcoidosis go into remission soon after their first treatment. That has not been my experience. I have flare-ups from time to time and am having one right now as I write this post.

The point of this is not to complain about my health but to share Good News. My Good News is that I have relatively good health. Even my flare-ups do not stop me from working or having quality time with my family.

I have recently heard about people I know of who have recently died or are extremely sick. I’m reminded that I need to give thanks for the health I have.

I can also give thanks for supportive family. I have communicated with enough people in the sarcoidosis community that I know that family support is not a given. Not only did my father-in-law make sure I got the help I needed, my wife has been with me every step of the way. She never complains when I’m not able to do everything I want. In fact she is the one to insist I rest.

I may never go into permanent remission with my sarcoidosis but I still have plenty to be thankful for. This is my Good News.

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