God’s Crime Scene for Kids – Review

Two of the most important hats that I wear are those of a pastor interested in apologetics and of a father of young children. As each year passes, I’m becoming more and more convinced of the overlap between the two. That’s why I’m thankful for J. Warner and Susie Wallace’s God’s Crime Scene for Kids.

I have read the adult version of this and Wallace’s other books and have appreciated how he is able to translate complex topics into language that normal people can understand. Having not read any of his children’s books before, I was curious how he would do it with this book.

I was very pleased with the result. Two of my children love to be read to and so I have a sense of what style they connect with. God’s Crime Scene for Kids very much fits with that style.

The book is not a compilation of apologetic assertions but rather is an engaging story of a mystery that pulls in the reader. As they seek to solve this real mystery, Warner makes the connections between it and the evidence for God. He does it in a very natural way that does not seem forced.

I have read some pretty cheesy Christian children’s books but this is not one of them. Even as an adult, I was pulled into the story and wanted to know how it would end.

I intend to take my children through God’s Crime Scene for Kids. I think they will both find it interesting and be strengthened in their faith.



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