Good News: Family Reunion

A number of years ago, our daughter Emma casually remarked, “It would be neat to find out that you had a brother or sister that you never knew about.” Little did she know that was her own reality.

Our three youngest children are adopted. We have known for a long time that they had an older half-sister, but beyond her first name, we knew nothing about her.

In recent months, we were able to get in contact with the person who has been raising her. We were able to meet and decided to move forward but cautiously.

We informed our children that they had a half-sister. They were shocked but excited. More recently, their half-sister was informed that she had three siblings that she had never met.

Today was the day that they got to meet each other. We all met for lunch and had a chance to get to know one another. It was amazing to discover how many personality traits they had in common, despite being raised apart. Faith was pretty shy but Emma was very involved in conversation with her newfound sister. Justus was relatively quiet, but really perked up when he found out his sister loved video games as much as he did.

It was an incredible time together. I can’t imagine what any of the four children involved are feeling. I do know that our three enjoyed meeting her and described their half-sister as “awesome.”

We are going to continue to take things slow. We want to do things right and let relationships develop naturally. But it was a great first step.

Please continue to pray for all involved, that we would have wisdom and that things would continue to be positive.

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