5 Reasons You Should Get the Certificate in Accessible Ministry

Certificate in Accessible Ministry

Christian Horizons and Tyndale University College have partnered to offer a Certificate in Accessible Ministry. What is this certificate? Here is the description from the website:

“Everyone welcome!” many of our church signs proclaim. As people involved in ministry, or students looking to serve in ministry, we know that all too often, this is not the reality for all. People with disabilities and their families are often marginalized and excluded due to the physical, communicative, or attitudinal barriers they face. Developed in collaboration with Christian Horizons, this certificate program will equip people to foster belonging in all aspects of ministry and outreach with people living with a disability and their families. Engaging modules address practical, theological, and relational aspects of being the Body of Christ as people of unique abilities—together.

But why should you consider getting such a certificate?

Here are five reasons that I thought were compelling:

  1. Many churches know that ministry to and with people with disabilities is important but feel ill-equipped to do it well. This certificate will provide practical and biblical support for those who want to minister in this area.
  2. Tyndale University College is one of Canada’s top Christian universities. I have taught biblical studies at Tyndale for a number of years and I’m continually impressed with the quality of their theological education.
  3. Christian Horizons has been involved in disability ministry in one form or another for over fifty years. This organization has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to disabilities. This is an opportunity too good not to miss.
  4. The certificate is extremely affordable. I know from experience that theological education can be quite expensive. And yet this certificate is remarkably affordable. Each module costs only $75. You read that right, $75! That is something that most people can afford and that churches could pay for to send people.
  5. The certificate does not require a huge time commitment. Each module takes place on a Saturday and there is a month between each module. People working full-time could easily fit this in their schedule.

Bonus Reason: I’m teaching one of the modules and would love to have you learning with us.

I hope that you will consider this certificate program. Talk to your church and pass on the word.

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