The Time Richard Dawkins Encouraged Me as a Christian Apologist

I have received much encouragement from many people over the years in my work both in apologetics and disabilities. I’m thankful for it all as it helps me keep going. But one of my biggest encouragers has been Richard Dawkins.


It’s true. A number of years ago, I saw a huge spike in hits on my apologetics blog. I discovered that the traffic was coming from Twitter. I then did a search to find out what nice Christian was sending people my way.

I discovered it was in fact Richard Dawkins. Here is the actual tweet by Richard Dawkins.

The link has changed, as I have migrated that blog to this site. You can find the blog post that he was referring to here.

Obviously Dawkins did not agree with my critique of his book. But his acknowledgment that I at least correctly presented his arguments was huge for me.

This is one of the most important and yet difficult steps for apologists. It is not that atheist arguments are difficult to understand. But there is continual pressure to turn opponents into straw men that are easy to knock down. Sometimes it is more subtle than others, but the temptation is there.

I appreciate Dawkins’ comments, not because it feels good that a famous personality has publicly mentioned me but because it is a reminder of what I need to continually strive for.

It is vital that we both understand and fairly present the ideas of those we are responding to. If we fail to do that, the rest of our apologetics endeavour will fall apart.

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One thought on “The Time Richard Dawkins Encouraged Me as a Christian Apologist”

  1. That is very impressive. Congratulations. I must say that I have always found Dawkins to be among the most thoughtful of the new atheist leaders, and I still hope that some day the Spirit will move him.

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