Good News: A Joyful Visit

Stephen BedardAs I write this, it is two days before our daughter Abby’s fifteenth birthday. It is hard to believe she is well into her teens. It feels like only yesterday she was our little baby.

Abby and her brother Logan live in a group home over an hour away. They both have autism and are on the severe end of the spectrum.

Last week we had an incredible week away with Logan but it had been about a month since we had seen Abby. We really missed her.

Abby and Logan came for a visit this weekend, which was great with Abby’s birthday almost upon us. When I think about a child’s birthday, I think about giving gifts. Instead, we received a great gift from Abby.

Yesterday, Abby was in a super happy mood. She was full of smiles and laughter. Amanda and I hung out with Abby, taking selfies and laughing at each other’s crazy faces.

Stephen BedardI sometimes here people comment about how people with autism are unemotional and unaffectionate. That is not Abby (or Logan for that matter). She was hugging us and cuddling with us to the extreme.

Apparently forgetting that she is almost fifteen, she got me to do “the airplane” with her and tried to get me to carry her around. She laid down on Amanda and I and then got us to do the same to her. Abby even danced with me!

It was a fun-filled time that left my cheeks sore from smiling so much.

I’m sad that my children’s autism means that they don’t live with us. But I’m happy that we have a good relationship with them and that we enjoy each other.

This is my good news.

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