Good News: A Church That is Willing to Change

My Good news has to do with the church that I pastor, Queen Street Baptist Church. Churches, and especially Baptist churches, are not known for their eagerness to change. I sometimes joke, “We don’t mind change as long as its the same kind of change we have always had.”

Today we had a congregational meeting after our worship service. I won’t go into details here, but some significant change was presented. This includes a major change in our leadership structure, as well as approval to hire a new person on staff.

Churches have been known to bicker over much less than what we presented today. And yet the congregation received these ideas with an openness that still amazes me.

Many pastors dread business meetings but there is a loving spirit about our church that they are not painful at all.

Our church is not resistant to change and has a desire to move forward. That is not to say that we intend to change just for the sake of change. Rather, we are willing to do what is necessary to make us more effective as a Christian presence in our community.

I’m so thankful for my leadership team and for the entire congregation. They are all amazing people and I love being their pastor. This is Good News.

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