Good News: The Church That Eats Together

I really enjoyed church this morning. It was a great time of worshiping and praying together. But beyond that, it was a great time to eat together.

ChurchI’m not trying to be unspiritual. I love the Bible and I believe that the Bible has much to say to our lives (you can find my sermons here). There is a reason that my career revolves around preaching and teaching the Bible.

From my biblical and theological reflection, I have concluded that eating together is one of the most important activities we do as a church. I see this among the early Christians in the New Testament and throughout church history.

This morning at Queen Street Baptist Church we had our annual welcome back barbecue. Although the heat caused us to eat inside rather than outside (it does get hot in Canada!), it was a great time for all. We saw some people we hadn’t for a while and the regulars pulled together to make an amazing event. So many volunteers worked to make this happen, including my beautiful wife.

I’m happy, not just because I enjoyed some delicious hamburgers and sausages (which I did). I’m happy because of the community we have at QSBC. I love this church. I have been blessed to have had great churches at every point of my pastorate and QSBC is no exception. There is something special here.

Our church came together, ate together and created community together. This is Good News.

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