Apologetics Will Not Make Anyone a Christian


CrossThere are those within the church who are critical of Christian apologetics who point out its limitations. They will argue that presenting an apologetic for Christianity will not result in the person becoming a Christian.

It is argued that people become followers of Jesus only by the calling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore apologetic arguments are not required.

I will agree with this on one condition.

I want those same people to agree that no one will become a Christian as a result of preaching, evangelism, missionary activity, prayer, Bible reading or any other human activity. If they will agree with this, then I will agree with them.

I do believe that people become Christians by a work of the Holy Spirit. And I also believe that God uses preaching and evangelism and all the other things, including apologetics, in the process of calling that person.

Apologetics is not one “unspiritual” activity in contrast to all the other things God uses within the church. Not everyone comes to faith through apologetics, but not everyone responds to a sermon or reads the Bible either. It is not about apologetics or the Holy Spirit.

Apologetics has its place and God uses it. Our preference for or against that does not affect anything.

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One thought on “Apologetics Will Not Make Anyone a Christian

  1. I agree, Stephen. God works through grace and the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself.
    But he also chooses to partner with us as we engage in evangelism, apologetics etc.
    Our prayer, our faith, our efforts do influence the outcome of things.
    I find this exciting.

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