Good News: Ride for Refuge

Ride for RegugeOver the past number of years, I have had the honour of getting to know the work of Christian Horizons. Just a month ago, I was able to be the speaker at their family retreat. I have gotten know the people and have great respect for them.

When we learned that they participate in the Ride for Refuge as a fundraising event, we wanted to be a part of it. Christian Horizons does good work, not just with their group homes but with the many programs they are involved in.

So yesterday, we went up to Kitchener to participate in the event. We ended up doing the walk rather than the ride. It was nice to see people we knew and also to see the many people raising money for numerous worthy causes.

Amanda and I, with Justus, Emma and Faith had a great time walking and visiting. But it wasn’t just that. We received pledges from friends and family and so were able to help raise money for Christian Horizons. If you go to the CH website, you will see that there is a give button. It is worth giving to.

After the event, we went and visited Logan and Abby, who don’t live too far from where we were. It really is because of Logan and Abby that we have a heart for disabilities. It is not just an issue for us, it is personal.

The visit with Logan and Abby went really well. Abby was really cuddly with Amanda and Logan and I had some fun. They bring such joy into our life.

We had a good weekend with Ride for Refuge, visiting family and being reminded of our blessings. This is Good News.

Stephen Bedard

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