Thoughts on the Silver Chair

Silver ChairLike any series of books, C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia vary in quality. Although they are all good, some are better than others. One of my favourites is The Silver Chair.

This story features Eustace Scrubb, a character introduced in the Voyage of The Dawn Treader. Eustace should get the award for most developed character and greatest improvement in maturity. He moves from one of the least likeable to one of the most likeable characters in the stories. Eustace is joined by a school friend named Jill Pole in his adventure in Narnia.

The mission they are on is to find Prince Rilian, son of King Caspian, who had been missing for some years. The elderly King Caspian attempted to use his last strength to find his son. Thankfully, Aslan called in some help with the two earth children.

The adventures in Narnia are generally fun is a similar way but there is something I especially like about this story. Aslan gives Jill some signs to watch for, so that they will be able to make their away and accomplish their mission. These signs soon leave Jill’s mind and they get into all sorts of trouble that never needed to.

What is good about this is that Aslan is able to work through all their mistakes and disobedience. It is really a story of grace and is a tremendous encouragement to children and adults alike.

I need to also say that the scenes with the giants are great. I love how they are invited for dinner but don’t quite understand what (or who) is on the menu.

Puddleglum is another fun character. He is a pessimist, who not only sees the glass half-empty, he sees it as cracked as well. Despite his gloomy outlook, he is brave on the inside and demonstrates heroism exactly when he needs to.

The Silver Chair definitely ranks up there with Lewis’s best. The next Narnia movie to be made with be The Silver Chair. I hope they do it justice.

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