Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – October 2017

I have been compiling lists of apologetics blogs for some time and ranking them according to their Alexa score. The top ten list has been changing as my master list has grown.

One of the things that I noticed was that multi-author blogs were rising to the top, especially those run by formal organizations. The truth is that they are a different animal from the single-author apologetic bloggers who may not have the same resources. Because of this, I have broken down my lists into two top ten categories: one for multi-author blogs and one for single-author blogs. Both groups are important and doing good things. Make sure to visit all of them. If you have an apologetics blog and it is not on my master list, make sure to contact me.

Top Ten Single-Author Apologetics Blogs

  1. Cold-Case Christianity
  2. Wintery Knight
  3. Hope’s Reason
  4. Canon Fodder
  5. Apologetics 315
  6. Sean McDowell
  7. Alisa Childers
  8. James Bishop
  9. Come Reason
  10. Tentative Apologist

Top Ten Multi-Author Apologetics Blogs

  1. RZIM Global Blog
  2. Evolution News
  3. Reasons to Believe
  4. Stand to Reason
  5. Cross-Examined
  6. Bethinking
  7. Reasons for Jesus
  8. Poached Egg
  9. Christian Apologetics Alliance

Congratulations to all those who made the top ten!

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – October 2017”

  1. I’m a bit surprised to see Wintery Knight’s blog on your list. Are you honestly impressed by his posts? I find them to be extremely shallow at best and disingenuous at worst. Also, he’s fairly well-known for his dishonest comments policy, in which his selective moderation suggests that he only approves the lowest-quality posts in an effort to make skeptics look bad; and he sometimes even re-writes or otherwise modifies other people’s comments. See here for one particularly egregious example:

    That said, I do find some of your other links interesting. I’m listening to an Alisa Childers podcast right now. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. I know that the Wintery Knight is not for everyone, but he does have a good following. My list was not based on personal preference (otherwise my blog would not have made it) but based on ranking. That is something much more impartial. I’m glad you did find some resources that you did like.

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