5 Reasons Why I Blog About Apologetics

BlogA number of years ago I started an apologetics blog called Apologia. While that particular blog site no longer exists, the posts from that blog can be found on this site.

But why would I even bother to blog on Christian apologetics? Aren’t there better things that I can do with my time?

While I definitely have interests other than Christian apologetics and I blog on them as well, apologetics is still very important to me.

I can tell you a reason that does NOT inspire to me to blog. Apologetics blogging does not come out of an intolerance of other people’s view or a discomfort with those who disagree with me. I affirm other people’s right to share what they believe and why think I’m wrong. That makes for a healthy environment for productive communication.

So if that is not the reason for my apologetics blogging, why do I do it? Here are five reasons.

  1. I’m a skeptic by nature and I came out of atheism on my journey toward Christianity. In those early days of my faith, I had no idea that people were asking the hard questions and reflecting on how things fit together. I wish I had access to those resources then. Since I can’t change the past, I can share what I find today.
  2. My original inspiration for starting an apologetics blog was hearing on a Christian radio station a report about exciting healings and referring listeners to the Christian Science website. The DJ had no idea that Christian Science is not a part of orthodox Christianity. I blog to educate.
  3. I’m a pastor of a local congregation. Much of my apologetics activity has emerged out of my pastoral role. As a pastor I need to respond to attacks on Christian truth and blogging gives me a platform to do that.
  4. I value truth. Truth is one of the most important values to me. It is important for me to discover and share the truth. Sometimes the truth is not popular and I offend people exposing either lies or exaggerations that are convenient for certain views and positions.
  5. Christian apologetics is one of the ways that I connect with God. Some people can pray for hours, others dive into social justice activity, while others lose themselves in passionate worship. When I write in the area of Christian apologetics, I feel like I’m using my gifts and I feel close to God.

To my fellow apologetics bloggers, why do you do what you do?

I’m only one of many apologetics bloggers out there. Check out my list of apologetics bloggers.

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